Tracking the ball’s flight path was much easier

What I immediately noticed when wearing my Bermuda RAi sunglasses was the sharp contrast with their color enhancement. Everything seemed sharper. Tracking the ball’s flight path was much easier, so fewer lost balls. While I don’t wear sunglasses when putting, they come in handy when reading those greens as the color enhancement makes it much easier to read subtle undulations. Never would have thought a pair of sunglasses could actually help my game. It has.

ChromaBoost and PolarBoost are technologies fisherman look for

When I heard about Bermuda RAi, and their special PolarBoost and ChromaBoost I became interested because those technologies are what fishermen look for. They’re critically important when you’re on the water because the glare from the sun makes it impossible to see through the water to spot fish. So many other sunglass brands claim to have the best and, believe me, I’ve tried them all. But — after comparing the visual experience between Bermuda RAi and those other big name famous brands, I can only say “wow” because the visual difference is so powerful. The glare is completely gone and the colors pop so much I can spot fish easier. Best quality sunglasses I have ever worn.

Color enhancement allows me to see swells and their polarizing filter is the best I’ve ever experienced.

I’m an avid sailor and, as anyone who has lived on the water knows, sun reflection can be super harsh on the eyes. It’s also important to be able to see the swells and with my Bermuda RAi suns, their polarizing filter is the best I’ve ever experienced. Not only do those harsh reflections disappear, but the Gulf shows me vibrant colors I have never seen with my old sunglasses. These things rock!

The glare can get pretty brutal on sunny days at higher elevations

I live in the Colorado rockies, so on sunny days at higher elevations, the glare can get pretty brutal. Snow reflection in the winter is particularly wicked and can damage your eyes if you're not wearing good protection. I live here because it’s beautiful country. But it’s actually more beautiful when wearing my BRs. Their tag line is appropriate. Life really does look better through Bermuda RAi.

I can honestly say that the landscape is sharper and the colors really pop

When you’re hunting, you want things to be sharp. Normal sunglasses do a great job of shading things and allowing me to look into bright areas, but they also make the colors look less vibrant and that can be a problem with targeting. With these Bermuda RAi, shades I can honestly say that the landscape is sharper and the colors - wow, they really pop. I can see things within the forest or tall grass that I would not see with regular sunglasses. All in all, I’d say these are the best sunglasses I have ever worn. They’re comfortable, the polarization is incredibly good and the lens color is perfect for hunting. Love em.