About Us


Utilizing the power of Ai our scientists set out to solve the question that all sunglasses companies have wanted to solve. “How do you create the most efficient sunglass lenses without diminishing natural colors?” The more you filter light, such as glare from sand, water, and snow, the darker the lens becomes and the more colors are diminished and desaturated. Sunny days look cloudy. Our competition couldn’t solve this problem. But, we were able to create the world’s most efficient color enhancing system by using the power of Ai. We call this Chromaboost and it is now the patented technology inside every pair of Bermuda RAi sunglass lenses. The most efficient glare reducing technology fused with the best color enhancing and contrast boosting technology, all in a single lens. It is a monumental leap forward in sunglasses technology and it’s only available in Bermuda RAi.


Life looks better through Bermuda RAi